Valley Touristic City

Hotel View

Location : Wadi Qandeel, Syria.

Team : Humam Alsalim , Rami Bakhos and Shady Eshtai.


A touristic city plan in the area of the Qandeel valley submitted to the ministry of Tourism based on their request for new plans for the valley. The Masterplan studied the area’s natural and economical potential and suggested a program of multiple public and private leisure functions, including a a hotel, commercial centre, Marina, camping sites, youth and low budget chalets and a natural biodiversity museum.

The masterplan was based and derived from Fractals theory ( the similarities of the whole and the unit dynamics) coming from the natural context as a first defining factor.

Each of the designed buildings went on a different approach but respecting the identity of the whole.

The Hotel :

The hotel is located in the northern end of the project which has the best view and orientation, it consists of the main three stripes which include the larger functions and multiple units which are carved in the mountain to be an integral part of the terrain architecture.

The commercial centre:

The commercial centre is the main entrance point of the master plan which lead to the other buildings of the site, to be the hub of the masterplan and a meeting point of the visitors needs.

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